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I have been wanting to write to you for some time but I decided to wait until I could write while sitting in the cottage. I want to thank you for all of your efforts in building a dream cottage. The workmanship is fantastic. Visitors often remark on the attention to detail that makes the cottage a work of art. The stairs and handrails are particularly impressive.

To call the cottage a work of art is not wrong but it understates the feelings that I have for the building and its effect on the site. It is well built, tasteful and very solid. The sense of scale and proportion are evident throughout.

As I was out of the country when much of the construction took place, much of the decision making was an act of trust, and that trust has been well warranted. Although I never commented on it before, I have always been impressed with your honesty and integrity which came through in all of my business dealings with you. I also recognize that I have not always been an easy client and that there were many challenges for you to build on an island without easy access or heavy equipment. Your patience and easy demeanor seemed to help smooth over a lot of the normal construction bumps.

Although we are already enjoying it now, we are really looking forward to the many great years ahead in beautiful cottage. Thanks for making it happen from start to finish.

Sincerely, John & Sheryl Selwyn

John Jefferson has been a pleasure to work with in that he is the only contractor involved on our house that has done what he has promised when he has promised it. Jefferson log homes has provided a welcome, stable interlude with their log package that has been missing with the other construction people on the project.

We first saw our house in October when we visited Canada. The house was being built on-site, in the woods, where the trees were cut. It was love at first sight for us. John is not just a talented home builder, his work is artistic. Each home seems to have a special touch like no other. Ours has a massive pine post, with branches supporting the loft center beam.

His work has been impressive and was accomplished in a timely and efficient manner. We have gotten compliments and positive reports from everyone who has looked at the house, even though only the log work was completed at that time.

We look forward to enjoying the house and the workmanship that has gone into the house for a very long time into the future.
Bruce & Colleen Christensen
Wisconsin, USA

John Jefferson is one of the most respected people working with wood in our region. He can design and build anything with wood, turning your dreams into reality, a true craftsman. As well he is skilled in all aspects of building, electrical, plumbing, drywall, painting and design. Working always with the client's vision, he actually plans and implements your dream home.

Ann Dale
Senior Associate
Sustainable Development Research Institute
University of British Columbia
Hut B5-2202 Main Mall
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6T 1Z4

Tel: (604) 822-8198/Fax: (604) 822-9191
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The most difficult aspect of producing a letter of reference (or, more accurately, commendation) for John Jefferson is in keeping the songs of praise below a deafening roar. John recently completed work on our home that involved interior and (extensive) exterior renovations, including a new roof, as well as new construction (three-season porch). My husband, and I are thrilled with the outcome and plan to re-engage John next spring or summer for more renovation/construction projects. It is testimony to our satisfaction with his work that, were he unavailable, we would delay those projects rather than hire someone else.

To best describe John’s professionalism, borrow Ford’s motto: Quality is Job 1. Not only does he abhor shoddy workmanship, he would undoubtedly refuse to engage in it. Confronted with a situation in which a tight budget suggests a shortcut or below-standard option, depend on John to produce an economical yet effective alternative. His knowledge of building practices and standards, plus familiarity with materials, empowers his flair for inventiveness and resourcefulness.

On the job, John wastes neither materials nor words. Explanations, instructions and suggestions are offered when timely and appropriate – and all are appreciated. He is conscientious about everything from planning details and costs to cleaning up the work site at the end of the day. Being multi-talented, there’s not much that fazes or stumps him. Carpentry, roofing, stonework, and masonry – you name it, he’s experienced, and when he’s not certain, he finds out or defers to other tradesmen.

John demonstrates excellent judgment in knowing when to consult, whether it’s about a necessary or desired change of plans or unexpectedly high price of materials. He has no qualms about revising plans or backtracking if the client has a sudden flash of inspiration or change of heart. On a personal level, John is honest, trustworthy and a man of integrity. His word is contract enough for us. He is a patient teacher, helpful, cheerful and generous. Our home was wide open to him in our absence during the day and on our vacation. (He even played nursemaid to our dog, who was recovering from spinal surgery.) If we can in any way further assist you in your assessment of John Jefferson’s capabilities – pictures, examples, etc. – please do not hesitate to contact us at home or at the office.


Deborah Richmond and Martin Stockton
Home: 819-827-4295