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Purchasing Options:

Log Home Shell:

Consists of treated logs, second floor joist beams, openings for windows and doors cut out and roof frame erected. For an extra cost log Home Shell kits can be packed in containers and transported to any location in the world. JEFFERSON LOG HOMES has done this many times.

Enclosed Shell Lock-Up:

Consists of log shell, roof, sheeting, shingles, doors and windows installed. Gable ends framed, board and battened and Perma-Chink™ between logs on the outside.

Turn Key:

A completely finished home. This option is only available on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, the mainland BC Coast and Holland

Consulting Services Only

John Jefferson is available for consultation on existing log homes and for planning of new log homes at a fee of $50.00 per hour for verbal consultation and $100.00 per hour for verbal consultation plus a formal written report.


Purchasing Steps:

Choose or create a design.

Upon reviewing our designs, customers may choose one of our models...or make minor design changes....or may give us a sketch of their own ideas and we will develop a package in close consultation with them. Design charges will depend on the amount of work done to draw up a basic working plan.

Submit Deposit.

To purchase a log home package a deposit of 25% of the value of the requested package is required upon agreeing to the date when the logs will be cut and before any work begins.

For an Enclosed Shell Lock-Up: a certified cheque for the remaining balance is required upon delivery and completion of the project on the customer's site and with the customer's approval of the work done.

For a Turn Key Home an additional payment of 30% of the total value is required upon completion of the log home shell and a continuing payment schedule will be worked out.

Notes: JEFFERSON LOG HOMES highly recommends that the owner retains the log builder (JLH) or a licensed engineer familiar with log construction to complete the interior work. This is pretty well a “MUST DO” as irreparable damage can be done to the logs if interior construction mistakes are made. A list of recommended sub-contractors will be provided. See Links

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